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Welcome to my guestbook. The following insertions are from e-mails, guestbook signings on the ship and letters I have received. To leave a comment of your own, click here.


I just wanted you to know how proud I am of you! You are doing exactly what you were meant to do by sharing your talents with so many people throughout the country and touching their lives in many different ways. Whenever I play your music at home I still sit back and say "wow," and I am so ashamed that as a child I could ever have been so selfish and hateful when you practiced. It all has to do with maturity and maybe I was even a little jealous! We have great memories of our week with you on the ship and hope to come back sometime. Keep on playing, we love you.
Your sister,


Well, I was right, I knew the best part of coming home, would be to put in your CD's. 

 Unfortunately, I was suffering from a bad cold, and quite exhausted from the

cruise (in a good way) but started a pot of coffee, and stretched out on the couch

to listen to "Embrace My Soul"~~my goodness, Jeff, what an absolute

delightful, peaceful way to recuperate.  I was just so lifted and felt the goodness

of your talent pouring forth.

That was the last CD I chose, and I am so thrilled that I made the choice. 

Just so tender and all the medleys just speak to my heart and soul.  The "Spirit" cruise for

me will always be "The" one, and dear one, you made it all so.  Thank you, thank you.

Perhaps I will be able to increase my Perks library here in California.  All the best to

you in the future, don't ever stop cruising, we hope to catch up with you again.  

Lovingly, Billie (Anderson) Petersen


Each night we were able to sit and hear you play was a time of relaxation. The lobby of the ship became an oasis of beautiful music. It was a time we could sit and relax and absorb all the wonderful music you provided. We bought four of your CD's and listened to them all the way back to our home. As we drive to and from work, we put one of them in. Your piano playing takes us back to the wonderful time we had relaxing on our cruise. Continued success with your talent.
Herb Spear


Hello, Jeff...

I wish this were last week, when -- on the Glory -- I could stand at the railing and gaze down as you performed your melodic magic in the ship's salon. Your musical artistry was a highlight of my cruise. I don't believe I've ever been so totally enraptured as I was with your musical talents. It's no surprise that my pre-cruise CDs are upset with me -- and with you. I've totally ignored them since I brought home your two CDs! Thank you, Jeff. I hope I can one day savor your talents again!

Shirley Risoldi

Ocala, Florida



Although there are many wonderful things to do on a Carnival Cruise, one highlight of my vacation last week was the opportunity to hear you play the piano. You are truly a talented pianist. I am so glad I purchased two of your CDs. I enjoy listening to them while doing chores around the house or when I'm on the interstate stuck in traffic. Your music makes me feel as though I'm back on the Carnival Glory listening to you play. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your awesome gift with others.


Jeff Rivenbark

Charlotte, NC


Dear Jeff,
My husband and I recently returned from our long-awaited anniversary cruise aboard the Glory, and I have to say one of the many high points of the week was meeting you and listening to your flawless performances! As a fellow musician, I really appreciate your talent and style. Although I embarrassed myself at the Trivia game, (I will forever and always cringe at "Always and Forever"), I had a lot of fun. We'll just have to come back and try for that trophy again!

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for helping to make our cruise so enjoyable.  Keep up the good work and I'll be following your career!

Judy Harris


We are back home now and settled back into the "real" world. We enjoyed meeting you while we were guests on the Carnival Glory. My wife just lost her father not even two weeks before the cruise, and she mentioned one evening how relaxing that your music can be. We also brought home one of your CD's for my parents which are big fans of instrumental, easy listening piano music as well. At one time I was a music major at a local college, but soon realized that it was a hobby for me. For you it is a true career!

Dr. Kevin W. Garlow

Fayetteville, WV


You are THE entertainment highlight of the Carnival Glory. It was truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to hear you play each night, and your CDs will continue to bring enjoyment in the years to come. Thank you for sharing the abilities God has granted you. May you always be blessed.

George Salter Centerville, GA


I was on the Carnival Glory Oct 11/18/03 and bought one of your CD's. I just wanted to tell you it is great! I told you I loved the St. Elmo's Fire theme and I think the entire CD is wonderful. Thanks for the beautiful music you play! Cherie


Dear Jeff,
My name is Claire Cassidy and I was on Carnival Cruise Ship Glory as a luncheon guest on Saturday, Oct. 18th. My sister-in-law and I listened to your most beautiful piano playing and I bought two CD's. All I can say - absolutely beautiful!!! As I write, I am listening to your music and the recordings are wonderful. All the best,
Claire Cassidy


"Jeff, love is a song! But, you already know this...your playing shows it." - Roberta Flack, Singer/Songwriter


"Jeff: Your beautiful music was the highlight of our week on the Carnival Glory. We enjoyed listening and dancing. Your CD will help us relive our wonderful memories. Best wishes for continued success." - Sue and Jerry Roberts, Orlando, FL


"Jeff: Your beautiful music was the highlight of our trip. It's truly amazing that two hands can create such beauty.  We love listening to your music and are mesmerized each time we hear your beautiful melodies. We will never forget the special and tranquil sounds with which you filled the ship!" - Jason and Holly Wallman, NY, NY


"Your beautiful playing sends comfort to my heart. A wonderful experience on a cruise to listen to a talented person. I'm so glad to experience the pleasure of your playing. Keep it up." - Angie Lantree


"Jeff: You are so gifted and your music brings joy to those who are fortunate enough to hear you. Thank you for making my cruise so perfect." - Janet Hoose


"Jeff: We so enjoyed your beautiful music. You are such an inspiration to us. Hope to see you again." - Eric and Greta Powell, Atlanta, GA


"Jeff: We enjoyed so much hearing you play all week. Your fine training plus your natural musical gifts combine to make you a top-quality performer. We hope to hear you again sometime in the future. Very best wishes for continued success." Martha and Phillip Crabtree, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, OH


"Daily at sea, I listened, wholly enchanted by Jeff Perks' elegant artistry at the piano. I've heard all the masters and, in my view, none surpass his treatment of the music. I just HAD to take home all his CD's, or face certain "withdrawal". I continue to listen to them regularly and can hardly wait to add his next CD to my well worn collection". - Dr. David P. Johnson, Tuscaloosa, Alabama


"What a blessing to enjoy the beautiful piano music of this great artist God has truly blessed him with glorious improvisations of our favorite music. We always want our friends to enjoy these CD's with us. It makes our evening more beautiful. We thank God for his gift to us." - Suzanne Woodrum, Savannah, GA


"Jeff's arrangement and the way he plays will have you coming to every show he does.  We have all of his music and listen to it often." - Allen and Barbara Crawford, Denver, CO


Jeff, my wife, Vivian and I recently celebrated our fiftieth wedding
anniversary on the Carnival Spirit. Unfortunately, we did not "discover" you until
late in the cruise. I bought four of your CD's and now they play constantly
whenever we are in the car, which, living in Southern California, is often.

Dick Walters, El Cajon, Ca.